How to install a bidet in minutes:

  1. Turn off the water to your toilet and flush.
  2. Remove toilet seat cover.
  3. Install CleanBuns bidet.
  4. Put seat toilet seat cover back on.
  5. Install connector & hose.
  6. Turn water back on and test.
  7. Enjoy CleanBuns!

Written Installation Instructions

Bidet accessories
CleanBuns Easy Install Bidet Attachment

If you’re exploring the installation of a CleanBuns Cold Water Bidet, you might find these related topics intriguing. Speaking of bidets, the concept and use of a bidet have a rich history and diverse applications globally. Many users appreciate the environmental benefits associated with bidets, contributing to a reduction in toilet paper use. You can read more about the environmental impact of toilet paper in this Wikipedia article. Additionally, water conservation is a crucial aspect of using bidets, aligning with broader efforts discussed in articles about water conservation. Understanding these aspects can give you a more comprehensive view of the advantages of integrating a bidet into your daily routine.