Can I Adjust The Water Pressure And Angle Of The Bidet Spray For Front and Back?

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Absolutely! CleanBuns bidet attachments come with adjustable water pressure controls, allowing you to find your preferred comfort level. Whether you want to clean the back or the front, we have the perfect angle of spray to ensure precise cleansing and maximum effectiveness. Personalize your bidet experience to suit your preferences with ease.

Is Installing A Bidet Difficult?

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Installing a bidet is not difficult at all! Our CleanBuns bidet attachments are specifically designed for easy installation. With our zero gap installation feature, you can simply attach the bidet to your existing toilet and tighten it securely. No additional plumbing or complex tools required. It’s as easy as unscrewing your old toilet seat [...]

What Exactly Is A Bidet, And Why Should I Consider Using One?

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A bidet is a bathroom fixture designed to cleanse your intimate areas with a gentle stream of water. It offers a more thorough and hygienic alternative to using toilet paper alone. Bidets help reduce irritation, promote cleanliness, and provide a refreshing experience that leaves you feeling fresh and confident.

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