A Poem to Clean Buns

CleanBuns bidets, oh how they shine
A modern marvel for your behind
No more scratchy paper or messy wipes
Just a fresh, clean feeling, oh what a delight

Self-cleaning nozzles, no need to scrub
Two water streams, front and back, oh what a rub
Designed for easy installation, it’s true
A cover-free system that’ll work for you

Better for the environment, no more waste
Reduce deforestation, lower your carbon trace
Save money in the long run, it’s clear
A CleanBuns bidet, the eco-friendly pioneer

And let’s not forget, it’s good for your skin
Reduce irritation, keep it soft and clean within
CleanBuns bidets, the smart and savvy choice
For a spa-like experience every time you rejoice

So say goodbye to the old and hello to the new
CleanBuns bidets, they’re perfect for you
Invest in yourself, invest in the Earth
And discover the joys of a bidet’s worth.

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